Binzel RAB36 MIG Fume Extraction Torch. Every welding job generates fumes and smoke that could be hazardous if inhaled. Based on the well established torch series “MB” the RAB GRIP Fume Extraction Torches offer efficient fume extraction through the torch itself. Special design solutions guarantee highly efficient smoke removal directly at its source without affecting the protective gas shield.


  • Length: 4.5 metres
  • Direct extraction at the arc – ensures protection of the welder’s respiratory system
  • Problem free installation in all existing MIG/MAG work stations
  • Small extraction tube diameter – better accessibility
  • Aluminium extraction tube – considerable weight saving
  • Handle with extraction control and swivel joint – optimized handling
  • Smaller diameter extraction hoses for all types – lower handling weight, optimum flexibility
  • Considerable weight reduction of air cooled torches due to the innovative ABICOR BINZEL Low-Weight Bikox®

One only at this price – Ex show room display.