The Broco Underwater Cutting System is the most widely used and highly recommended underwater cutting tool.
The Broco system provides the fastest, most efficient and cost effective means of completing underwater jobs involving cutting and piercing.

The Ultrathermic cutting rod produces a temperature in excess of 5,500°C– hot enough to quickly melt almost anything including cast iron, stainless steel, brass and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as concrete. Divers can cut sheet pile, remove tubular supports and trim damaged props.
Safer, Easier Use The Broco Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting System uses only oxygen and a maximum of 150 amps to cut (compared to 300 – 500 amps) for other systems). The Ultrathermic cutting rod ignites readily from a 12 to 24 volt auto or marine battery.

The rod will continue to burn with electrical current removed until the flow of oxygen is stopped or the rod is consumed. The need for expensive support equipment is
reduced and a safer diving environment is maintained.

Approved for Navy Use (ANU) designated and featured in the U.S.
Navy’s Underwater Welding and Cutting manual, the Broco Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting System is used by navies and commercial customers around the world.
More offshore cutting is done with Broco than with all competitors combined.

Broco Ultrathermic is the ultimate cutting system.

Designed and Manufactured to meet High Quality Broco Standards

  • High impact and corrosion resistant materials
  • Brass flash arrestor
  • Prevents burnback
  • Non-conductive flexible coupler
  • Ergonomically designed for diver comfort
  • Reduce forearm fatigue
  • Can be used as a welding electrode holder

Use Standard Broco Underwater Exothermic Cutting Rods for Superior Performance

  • Patented rod design with alloy core wires
  • Prevents burnback
  • Bendable to 90 degrees
  • Available in standard 18’ length and 36” for heavy jobs
  • 50 count QuiverPak in sturdy polyethylene with reclosable cap available

Easy to maintain

  • Acme threads prevent binding
  • Quick, reliable rod insertion and retention
  • Interchangeable collets for 1/4”, 3/8” and 5/16” diameter cutting rods

BR-22 Cutting Torch

The BR-22 Cutting Torch is ergonomically designed for diver comfort and reducing forearm fatigue.
The torch is constructed from durable high-impact and corrosion resistant materials. All metal parts are brass. The BR-22’s engineered safety features are unique and found only in the Broco torch design.
All connections are threaded for maintenance ease. The solid brass flash arrestor with internal filter protects the diver and torch without restricting oxygen flow. The
large collet nut is knurled to assure the diver a solid grasp. Acme threads prevent binding from mud or other debris insuring quick, reliable rod insertion and retention.
Interchangeable collets accommodate 3/8 inch, 5/16 inch or 1/4 inch diameter cutting rods.
The BR-22 PLUS and BR-22 can also be used as a welding electrode holder, and in that use can accommodate 1/8 inch, 5/32 inch, and 3/16 inch diameters. Broco torches are built to deliver years of trouble-free performance at minimum cost. Spare parts kits are available.

UW38/18 – 50 Cutting rods

Broco® Underwater’s new Ultrathermic Cutting Rods PLUS are the latest advancement in underwater cutting.
The new design delivers 20% more cutting and burn time than the same size prior generation Broco underwater cutting rod, increasing performance and value. The new rods also burn more evenly than any rod on the market.
Burning in excess of 5,500˚C at the tip, Broco underwater cutting rods cut and melt virtually any known material. Broco’s patented rod design features alloy core wires retained by circular crimps, and a safety design to prevent burnback into the torch.
Broco rods can be bent 90 degrees or more to access hard to reach places without restricting oxygen flow or causing insulation to split or flake off.
Broco Ultrathermic cutting rods may be used with a maximum of 150 amps to assist in the burning process, though there is no electrical requirement. Once ignited, they continue to burn as long as oxygen is supplied or until the rod is consumed.
Broco® Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting Rods PLUS are available in 3/8 inch diameter by 18 inch and 36 inch lengths. Broco standard cutting rods are still available in 1/4” diameter by 18” length.