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Carpenter Micromelt Metal Powder

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Carpenter Micromelt Metal Powder has many of the benefits realized in the use of Micro-Melt® powder metals. Including ease of grinding, improved response to heat treatment, greater wear resistance, and increased toughness of the finished tool.

These a direct result of the refined microstructure featuring smaller, more uniformly distributed carbide particles and a finer grain size, as well as the lack of segregation in the powder metallurgy product. In addition, Carpenter Technology’s unique hot rolling and rotary forging capabilities impart minimal distortion characteristics to these alloys.

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  • Carpenter Micromelt CCW metal powder
  • Micromelt 420LC metal powder
  • Micromelt 4140 metal powder
  • Micromelt 4340 metal powder

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Carpenter Micromelt CCW metal powder, Micromelt 420LC metal powder, Micromelt 4140 metal powder, Micromelt 4340 metal powder

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