CO2 Radiator flowmeter Regulator  is designed for applications requiring high gas flow rates, up to 60 SCFH without freezing.

CO2 cylinders such as BOC 082  is stored as a liquid at sub zero temperatures. When used as a shield gas for welding, the regulator can freeze from cold CO2 flowing thru it which can stop the flow of CO2 entirely.

The CO2 radiator flowmeter regulator has cooling fins that help keep the regulator at room temperate and prevent freezing. Some CO2 regulators have an electrical heater built in or you can apply a heater to the stem of the regulator. But these types of regulator heaters require power and can burn the unwary operator who comes into contact with the hot surface of the heater.

199CR Regulator Features

• Regulator Max Inlet Pressure 20,000kPa
• Delivery Pressure (kpa) 350
• Delivery Flow 25 litres per minute
• Inlet Gauge  28,000kPa
• Inlet Connection 0.857-14RH(F)
• Outlet Connection 5/8-18RH(M)
• CO2 Seat & nut