COMBIDISC Mini POLIFAN – Zirconia – Type CDR-PFF 50

For coarse grinding work with high stock removal and long tool life. The high-performance abrasive zirconia alumina delivers the best results at increased contact pressure.

Abrasive: Zirconia alumina Z

The COMBIDISC¨ range covers a large selection of grinding tools for surface finishing. From coarse machining and surface texturing to face-down mirror polishing Ð the range provides the optimal tool, even for complicated applications.

– Easy to use
– Rapid tool change
– No adhesion, no slipping
– No loosening under the influence of heat
– Vibration-free operation
– Tool is always fixed centrally

Safety notes:
– The maximum permitted peripheral speed is 50 m/s
– For safety reasons, it is imperative to remain within the stated maximum permitted rotational
speed at all times

Available in 40 or 80 grit