Kemppi Minarc T223 AC/DC GM is an entirely new 220 A single-phase AC/DC TIG welding machine with built-in electrolytic weld cleaning capability. This portable multi-voltage welding machine allows you to perform high-quality TIG welding and professional weld cleaning with one machine.


Take the Minarc T 223 ACDC GM anywhere on-site and save time by completing and finishing perfect welds in one spot. The new MAX WeldClean electrolytic cleaning process is simple and easy to use. It just takes a moment to convert your TIG torch to cleaning mode, where an efficient combination of electric current and phosphoric acid offers quick removal of oxidation and discoloration around the weld, delivering perfectly clean welds.

Powerful and versatile, the Minarc T 223 ACDC GM TIG welding machine comes with important features like the Auto Pulse function, AC frequency control, memory channels, and convenient remote control options. A large color display with impact protection and a clear user interface make choosing settings in a wide range of light conditions easy.


  • Premium multi-voltage AC/DC TIG welding machine with built-in weld cleaning function
  • DC+ and DC- MMA welding
  • 220 A with 20% duty cycle from a 1-phase power supply
  • WeldClean electrolytic cleaning process speeds up post-processing of welds
  • Large LCD display
  • Four memory channels
  • Auto Pulse with frequency control
  • AC balance control
  • Three alternative transport cart options
  • Set parameters remotely with an optional on-torch remote
  • Control your welding with the FR41 wired foot pedal

Kemppi Minarc T 223 AC/DC GM AU

Professional and portable multi-voltage 110/230V welding power source for DC and AC TIG welding. Includes pulse, memory channels, remote control options, and MMA. Minarc T 223 ACDC offers 220 A @ 20% duty cycle from a 1-phase mains supply, weighing 16.8kg. It also includes the MAX WeldClean process in a standard delivery. This model is specifically for the Australian market due to the different mains plug fitted and VRD active.