The Lincoln Power Wave C300ce is a portable, multi-process machine with advanced welding technologies to deliver outstanding results. With built-in wire feeder and high-end functionality, this unit offers Stick, DC TIG, Pulsed DC TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG and Flux-Cored welding capabilities.

The Power Wave® C300 incorporates the next generation of Lincoln’s Waveform Control Technology featuring iARC high speed digital controls. Delivering the ultimate in arc control and process parameters, the Power Wave C300 allows you to weld on a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminium and nickel alloys in virtually any application.
The compact style and user-friendly design, means this machine adapts to almost any environment. The size offers the user a flexible system to take with you, wherever you need to weld.

Second Hand

We have a number of these second hand machines in stock ready to go. Include;

  • MIG Torch
  • Earth cable
  • Gas regulator and hose
  • 32 amp three phase plug
  • One set of drive rolls


  • Stick
  • DC TIG
  • Pulsed DC TIG
  • MIG
  • Synergic MIG
  • Pulsed MIG
  • Flux-Cored

Lincoln Power Wave C300ce Specifications

  • Output: 5-300 amps
  • Duty cycle: 250 amps/27 volts @ 100%  300amps/29 volts @ 40%
  • Dimensions: 609 x 518 x 356mm
  • Weight: 41.4 kilograms
  • Protection class: IP23

Lincoln – Power Wave C300