The Powercraft 250M 4-in-1 Multi Process Welder is an industrial quality inverter-based compact 250 amp 240V/15amp welding machine suitable & capable for all general fabrication, maintenance or repair work.

The 250M is capable of MIG, Flux-cored, Pulse AC/DC TIG, Lift DC TIG, High Frequency AC/DC TIG and Stick processes.

It includes both VRD for added operator safety & digital LCD user interface. Using simple EZYSET™ technology, it allows for easy continuous adjustment of voltage, wire feed and setting of welding parameters.

The 250M also uses most wire spool sizes of up to a 300mm, or 15kg spool size using the following wire sizes: (Solid/Cored: 0.8-1.6mm).

Ideal for use in General fabrication, sheet metal, maintenance/repair, general DIY, pipe installation, architecture equipment, car repair, bicycle repair, handicraft and workshop environments.

Powercraft 250M 4-in-1 Multi Process Welder Specifications

Input voltage (V) / phase 240±10% / 1
Frequency 50/60
Maximum input current (A) 35.2 27 37.8
Input effective current Ieff (A) 15 12.2 14.6
Input power (KW) 8.4 6.5 9
Welding current (A) 30-250 10-250 10-250
Max no-load voltage (V) 70 70 70
Duty Cycle 18% 250A
60% 140A
100% 105A
20% 250A
60% 145A
100% 110A
15% 250A
60% 125A
100% 95A
Power factor (%) 0.99
Diameter (mm) Fe: 0.6/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2
SS: 0.8/1.0
Flux-Cored: 0.6/0.8/0.9/1.2
Al: 1.2
Protection class IP23S
Circuit breaker 40A “D” Class
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D 950 x 540 x 840
Weight (Kg) machine only 53.5
Generator compatible YES
Generator requirements Output: ≥ 8kVa / Output range: 190-265 volts /
Peak max: 370 volts / Frequency: 50-60Hz