The Sacit Kaiman T-Link Automatic Welding Helmet is the new entry of the range Sacit®, selected for its excellent value for money, ideal for all applications. Provided with 4 sensors, inner controls and True Color system, which ensures a clean and clear vision, it allows the operator to distinguish easily the objects in the work area with lower eye strain.

Safety helmet for welding - Kaiman Logo - SACIT

The Kaiman helmet is equipped for the T-LINK® , the Trafimet patented  eye protection system.
The T-LINK® system is able to automatically determine the opening time of the filter, depending on whether the operator is making a short (spot welding) or a long welding. The T-Link® system thus guarantees the maximum eye protection and an excellent operating speed.

The innovative T-LINK® system represents a new frontier for the safety of the welder and is the only commercially available auto-darkening system that guarantees total eye protection during welding.
The T-LINK® system is based on the continuous dialogue between the welding torch and the autodarkening mask, which is handled with Bluetooth® technology.
When the torch button is pressed, a Bluetooth® signal is sent to the LCD screen filter, which responds by getting dark a moment before the arc is activated.

Product Specifications

  • Viewing area: 100 x 53 mm
  • Optical rating: 1/1/1/2
  • Filter dimensions: 110 x 90 x 9 mm
  • 4 arc sensors
  • Internal shade control DIN 4 / 9-13
  • Switching time < 0,3 m/s
  • Internal delay control: 0,1 – 1.0 seconds
  • Internal sensitivity control
  • Powered by battery CR2032 + solar cells
  • Weight: 470 g

Parts Available

  • MSC000308 Kaiman T-Link auto-darkening welding helmet
  • LVE000240 Internal protection plate (5 pcs) 107 x 58 x 1 mm
  • LVE000231 External protection plate (5 pcs) 115 x 104 x 1 mm 1
  • VCE000019 Headgear