Strata 57F Flux Coated Brazing Alloy is an exceptionally high strength flux coated brazing alloy for the joining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Strata 57F has a special flux coating which gives it excellent capillary action which allows it to replace high silver brazing alloys in many applications. The uniquie “Safe Vue” flux coating eliminates harsh chemical odours and the bright orange visibility blocking glare of conventional sodium type flux coatings.
This rod will braze through rust and dirt and, because of its low working temperature, minimises distortion of the base metal. 
It is ideal for the repair of machine parts, band saws, galvanised iron parts, drill bits, chain links and steel tubing. Copper, brass and cast iron can also be welded with the 57F as it is excellent for all general maintenance brazing applications

Strata 57F Flux Coated Brazing Alloy Key Features:

  • Slick, smooth moisture sealed flux has triple the shelf life of similar products
  • Flux cleansing action is exceptional on dirty steels and cast irons
  • Great ‘weld-all’ rod for the maintenance engineers tool kit.


Undiluted Weld Metal             Maximum Value Up To
Tensile Strength                       102,000 PSI (700 MPa)
Yield Strength                           90,000 PSI (630 MPa)
Elongation                                28%
Hardness                                 Rockwell B 96, Brinell 210
Work Hardness                        Rockwell C 25 Brinell 265  
Product Details
  • Diameter: 1.6mm
  • Length: 
  • Quantity: 5 rods