Welding has never been easier with the Unimig Viper 120 Synergic. Simply set your wire size, adjust the Synergic power knob and the VIPER™ does the rest! Running off a 10 AMP plug, this machine is perfect for small repairs and DIY welding projects.

The VIPER™ 120 SYNERGIC features MIG programs for 0.6mm, 0.8mm and 0.9mm wire. It can take Flux-Cored, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel MIG wires.

This bundle gives you everything you need to start welding with a VIPER 120 SYNERGIC MIG Welder, TOXIC Welding Helmet, Gasless MIG Wire, Welding Gloves & Consumable Starter Kit.


The clever Synergic MIG control takes the guesswork out of your settings. Simply select your wire size and adjust the Synergic power knob to the thickness of your material. The program works with 0.6, 0.8 and 0.9mm mild steel, stainless steel & flux-cored wires.


Plug in and play. A 10 AMP power plug can be used on any domestic outlet. It’s perfect for the DIY home handyman or the professional welder looking for a machine that can be used almost anywhere.


This machine supports both gas-shielded MIG and gasless MIG wire, meaning you can easily run mild steel, stainless steel &  flux-cored MIG wire.


Weighing just over 5kg, the Unimig Viper 120 Synergic is ready to go anywhere you need it. Also included is a shoulder strap for extra comfort and portability.

Viper 120 Brochure