Weldclass Ultra 220MP is a Single-Phase Pulse MIG welder with Double/Dual Pulse MIG, Single Pulse MIG, conventional MIG and Root MIG, plus Stick and DC TIG capability.
Developed by Weldclass Australia in partnership with one of Europe’s largest and most experienced welding machine manufacturing plants. The 220MP is made in Italy.

Backed up by a leading 4 year warranty and 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. The 220MP offers user-friendly controls with interactive colour LCD screen. Swiss-made intelligent wire drive system, Job save, USB interface, Push-Pull torch compatability & much more – all in a compact 22kg package.
Designed from the ground up to be simple and easy to operate, the 220MP is an ideal unit for producing fast, high-quality, low-spatter and visually appealing welds with Aluminium, Stainless-Steel, Bronze and Mild Steel wires. Recommended for welding up to 5-6mm thick material on pulse modes, and 8-10mm material in standard (non-pulse) modes.
Comes with; 3m MIG torch with remote amp +/- controls, gas regulator, drive rollers for Aluminium & steel wires, earth lead & 15A plug fitted. See ‘more info’ tab below for full specifications.


  • Very easy to operate with large Colour LCD Display and intuitive, easy-to-follow controls
  • Made in Italy to Weldclass specifications, in one of Europe’s largest & most experienced welding machine manufacturing plants
  • Leading 4 year warranty
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Swiss-made intelligent wire drive system with Tacheometric Control. Machine software monitors wire feed speed against weld parameters, at intervals of more than 100 times per second. Automatically applies “micro adjustments” to for exceptionally smooth and reliable wire feeding
  • Remote amp +/- controls on MIG torch handpiece
  • Push-Pull Ready: Software pre-configured & ready for use with optional Push-Pull MIG Torch
  • Job Save to capture specific parameters / settings with custom naming and easy recall for the next time you need to repeat the same job/weld
  • USB interface allows fast & easy software upgrades throughout the life of the machine, plus importing & exporting of saved settings between multiple 220MP machines
  • Wave OS (operating system) software enables the recording, download (via USB) and full analysis of weld data – useful for: critical and high-compliance applications and training purposes
  • Compact and portable, weighs 22kg
  • Takes D200mm (5kg steel / 2kg Alu) or D300mm (15kg steel / 6-7kg Alu) spools
  • Large “35-50” cable connections
  • Generator Compatible – min 13kva, ideal 15+kva