Trafimet Ergoplus MIG Torches are made in Italy.

The handle is very comfortable for the operator to hold and includes an detachable pistol grip.

The  Trafimet Ergoplus MIG Torch is made of two components, rubber and plastic. Rubber textures are located on the top and the underside of the handle surface areas, where the human hand needs to hold the handle naturally and precisely. The natural position of the human hand—a triangular shape in two directions—has been the leading principle in designing the handle of the ERGOPLUS from start to finish.

The trigger is sealed against moisture, dirt and dust ingress and is rated to IP67.

Available in a range of lengths and amperage ratings, there is a torch to suit your application.

The ERGOPLUS is compatible with old version consumables. There are four different consumable parts on the ERGOPLUS: Gas nozzle, contact tip, gas diffusor, and contact tip holder. The gas nozzle of the ERGOPLUS (26 – 36 – 400 – 500 – 555) is also compatible with Trafimet “Quick Release” model.

Equipped with an euro connector as standard.

Trafimet’s water connector hose solutions are one of the most remarkable results of the company’s R&D work in the field of connectors. The material used in its designs has been updated to EPDM, which is more flexible and durable than previous hose material. The inner structure of the rear box has also been redesigned to avoid any kinking in the water hoses.