Richmond 125mm Castor Wheel are available with Nylon, Poly on Nylon, or Rebound Rubber wheels – Richmond’s 200 Series castors feature load capacities of up to 200kgs.

These castors offer the next level of castor to our popular Light Industrial Series and are perfect for all manner of light to medium duty applications.

Richmond’s 200 Series castor range is available in rigid, swivel, and swivel/brake varieties; all of which come with single ball bearings and an attractive red nylon thread guard.


  • R5601 – 125mm rigid nylon wheel 200kg
  • S5600 – 125mm swivel nylon wheel 200kg
  • S5600B – 125mm swivel/brake nylon wheel 200kg
  • R5605 – 125mm rigid rubber rebound wheel 200kg
  • S5604 – 125mm swivel rubber rebound wheel 150kg
  • S5604B – 125mm swivel/brake rubber rebound wheel 150kg