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3M Speedglas 9100 MP Welding & Safety Helmet c/w Adflo PAPR


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The 3M Speedglas 9100 MP Air Welding & Safety Helmet with the 3M Adflo PAPR offers welders up to 8 hours of integrated welding protection.

The 3M Speedglas 9100 MP welding helmet provides combined eye, face, head, optional hearing and comfortable powered air respiratory protection against welding fumes.

With the benefits of Speedglas 9100XXi with True-View, the 9100 MP features a high impact flip-up grinding visor and a safety helmet for overhead protection. The award-winning Adflo welding respirator provides revolutionary powered airflow with a Required Minimum Protection Factor of 50.

Speedglas, Welding Equipment in a Class of its Own

Speedglas released the first auto welding helmet ever and continues to set the benchmark in professional welding helmet technology.

Protection from Welding Fumes

Super comfortable welding mask face seal follows the contours of both the helmet and the face to provide a positive pressure seal from pollutants. The exclusive airflow pattern evenly distributes filtered air throughout the entire breathing zone of the welder.

3M Speedglas True-View

Speedglas True-View has literally changed the way welders see, making what you see through the lens appear lighter, more detailed and colourful.

Speedglas Side Windows

Previously hidden peripheral hazards (beams, obstacles and other workers) are now visible through two, shade 5 side lenses (conventional shade 13 protection).

A Safety Helmet for Welding

The welding safety helmet is made from heat-resistant polycarbonate and conforms to Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS1801 for head protection.

Welding PPE Made in Sweden

All Speedglas auto darkening welding helmets are made in Sweden with every lens still checked by hand.

Highest Optical Rating

Speedglas welding helmet series 9100 gives the welder the highest possible optical classification (1/1/1) and is compliant with AS/NZS1338.1.

Speedglas – 9100MP Air Brochure



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3M Speedglas 9100MP Helmet c/w Adflo PAPR, 526000 – Front cover lens Standard (pack 10), 527000 – Front cover lens Hard coat (pack 10), 527070 – Front cover lens High temperature (pack 10), 523000 – Front grinding cover lens (pack 5), 528025 – Inner cover lens (pack 5), 168505 – Sweat band (pack 5), 836010 – Pre filter PAPR (pack 5), 837010 – Particle filter PAPR (each)


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