Klingspor’s abrasive cloth back rolls are suitable for all types of applications: from hand grinding to use with hand-operated machines, from sanding profiles or moulded parts to finish grinding, from rough grinding wood and wood-based materials to finishing stainless steel surfaces.

Unsurpassed quality

Our rolled abrasives satisfy the toughest requirements on coated abrasives – no matter if you opt for the standard model or our custom slashed rolls designed for special applications.


  • Bonding agent: Glue/resin
  • Grain: Aluminium oxide
  • Coating: Close
  • Backing: J cotton

Product selection

  • 337956 – 50 x 5,000mm 120 grit
  • 337957 – 50 x 5,000mm 100 grit
  • 337958 – 50 x 5,000mm 60 grit