The Bi-alfa cobalt M51 extreme bandsaw M51 band saw blade has an alloyed steel backing with high chromium content together with a HSSCo-M51 (contains 12% cobalt) cutting edge.

Due to the cobalt and tungsten content of the cutting tips, the blade has high thermal and mechanical wear resistance.

Basic Part Number System

First 3 digits are the Type of material.
Next 2 digits are width in mm.
Next 3 digits represent TPI
Last 4/5 digits represent Length in mm
Example 1: Bi-Alfa Cobalt M42 – 27mm x 10/14TPI x 2480

Sizes Available

64527406-2500 – 27 x 0.9 x 4/6 2500mm

Other sizes available. If you know the width, length, TPI and type of bandsaw blade you require, contact us for price and availability.