CIGWELD Ferrocraft 16 Twincoat is a hydrogen controlled welding electrode offering exceptional AC/DC welding performance in all welding positions. The unique dual or twin flux coating enables easy arc starting, ultra smooth performance and reliable weld deposit toughness to be achieved in all welding positions.


  • Dual Or Twin Coated Flux For Easy Arc Starting
  • Hydrogen Controlled
  • Ultra Smooth Performance In All Welding Positions
  • Reliable Grade 3 Weld Metal Properties


Suitable For Welding Heavier Mild Steel Sections Or Joints Under High-Restraint, Repair Of Earthmoving Equipment And ‘Buttering’ Of Sections Prior To Hardfacing


  • Classification: AS/NZS 4855: B E4916 A U H10
  • Classification: AWS/ASME-SFA A5.1: E7016 H8