Cigweld Ferrocraft 16TXP is an ‘XP series’, E4816/E7016 type hydrogen controlled welding electrode from CIGWELD offering exceptional AC/DC welding performance in all welding positions, including vertical-up and overhead. It maintains the high level of quality, performance and operator appeal already established with Ferrocraft 12XP.
Ferrocraft 16TXP produces excellent AC performance, particularly on portable 240V AC welding machines such as the CIGWELD Compact Turbo and Easywelder Turbo. Ferrocraft 16TXP offers excellent low current performance which is important for achieving the best bead shape whilst producing no undercut in the
difficult vertical-up and overhead positions.
Ferrocraft is an easy-to-use, E4816/E7016 type electrode for the all positional fillet and butt welding of heavier mild steel sections or joints under high restraint. It is also suitable for a wide range of welding applications on selected Carbon-Manganese, low alloy and cast steels. The easy operation, reliable Grade 3 weld metal properties and low hydrogen status of Ferrocraft 16TXP make the electrode ideal for maintenance welding jobs, including the repair of earth moving equipment and the ‘buttering’ of steel sections prior to the application of hard surfacing.

Product details

  • Ferrocraft 16TXP 613562 – 2.5mm
  • Ferrocraft 16TXP 613563 – 3.2mm
  • Ferrocraft 16TXP 613564 – 4.0mm Hermatically sealed ring pull can.