COMBICLICK Co Cool Resin Fibre Discs Ceramic CO-COOL

For aggressive grinding with maximum stock removal on hard materials which do not conduct heat well.
Active grinding additives in the coating significantly improve stock removal, prevent clogging and result in cooler grinding.

Abrasive: Ceramic oxide grain CO-COOL

The patented cooling and quick-mounting system from PFERD is suitable for use with fibre, non-woven and felt discs. The COMBICLICK¨ system consists of a specially developed backing pad and a rugged mounting system at the back of the tool.

The quick-mounting system, rugged fixture, secure attachment of the tool and optimized cooling system help to provides
– up to 30 % lower workpiece temperature,
– up to 25 % increased stock removal,
– up to 30 % longer tool life and improved utilization of the abrasive.
The backing pads permit the use of COMBICLICK¨ tools on all common angle grinders. The cooling slot geometry ensures a high throughput of air, thus significantly reducing thermal loads on the abrasive material and workpiece.

The patented COMBICLICK¨ mounting system minimizes tool changing times.

Recommendations for use

Use Combiclick Co Cool Resin fibre discs in combination with the COMBICLICK¨ backing pad on commercially available angle grinders.