Earth Clamp Cast Brass Solid brass earth/ground clamps. Suitable for heavy use & high-duty cycle applications. G-clamp style for firm attachment and reliable earth connection.

Earth Clamp Cast Brass Details

500 Amp

  • Solid Brass Construction = Very Reliable Earth Connection & Long Service Life
  • Withstands High Heat = For High Duty-Cycle Operations
  • Will Not Rust = Suitable for All Environments, including Field Work
  • Suitable for MIG/STICK/TIG Welders
  • Resists Spatter Build-Up, unlike other clamps made of steel
  • Bolted cable connection at centre of body

600 Amp

  • Solid brass body with steel insert slide pin
  • Sliding clamp style
  • Twin grub screw cable connection with rubber insulating cover
  • Rotating tee clamp handle

800 Amp

  • Cast brass body
  • Gee clamp style
  • Rotating tee clamp handle
  • Twin grub scree cable connection at centre of body