Fronius Accupocket 150/400 True all in one battery welder with VRD

Repair-welding high up in the mountains, field erection jobs out in the country or welding work at exposed locations. Until recently, jobs like these always involved costly and time-consuming preparations.

AccuPocket welds all types of electrode (rutile, basic, CEL and specialpurpose electrodes) up to a diameter of 3.25 mm.

Steel, high alloy steels and aluminium are all suitable base metals. This versatility makes the AccuPocket an attractive proposition in every user segment.
A fully charged battery is enough to weld up to six 3.25 mm electrodes or up to eighteen 2.5 mm.


The AccuPocket’s battery is a high-performance iron phosphate-based lithium-ion (LiFePO4) battery with a capacity of approx. 400 Wh.

This corresponds to 160 cm (63”) of TIG weld-seam in 17 minutes’ welding time (130 A, ‘a’-dimension 2 mm) or eighteen 2.5 mm electrodes.
The latest generation of LiFePO4 batteries is small, light yet extremely powerful. Complying with stringent safety standards, these battery cells put in a convincing performance in high-power applications.

Long mains supply leads or big, heavy 8 kVA generators are now no longer necessary.

All that is needed is a small, compact 2 kVA generator is sufficient for welding applications on a larger scale.

  • Low weight & extremely robust
  • Hose packs lengths 6, 8 and 10 metre
  • 360° rotatable torch body & locator at 0°
  • Led light standard
  • Changable torch body Multilock- System
  • Integrated water stop valve on torch body
  • Powerful and strong DC servomotor
  • Anti- kink protection on both ends of hose pack
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Remote locations

Product Code:


  • Active charger 1000
  • 3.0 metre earth cable
  • 4.0 metre electrode cable
  • TIG torch up/down (4.035.979)
  • Trolley case

Fronius – AccuPocket 150/400 Brochure