The Fronius TPS 400i has been redesigned from the ground up.
As a result, the weld properties have been significantly improved, communication between operator and machine has been optimised and the handling has been perfected.
The modular design and potential for system add on’s ensure a high degree of flexibility.
With perfectly harmonised components, the TPS/i is the welding system of the future.

Upgrades are extremely easy to perform, from a USB stick or the Internet.
For new weld processes, characteristics, applications, firmware updates etc. etc.

The graphical user interface makes the machine easy and intuitive to operate.

It is extremely robust, and users can operate it even with their gloves on.

– Future proof – upgradable design
– Back up settings via USB port
– Available with remote monitoring through ethernet connection
– Auto detects type of Fronius torch being used and limits current to suit
– 7” colour touchscreen display
– Single knob control
– Software options for advanced welding
– Dynamic variable wire feed speed

Fronius TPS 400i Details

  • Power supply: 3 Phase 32 amp
  • Welding output range: 3-400 amps
  • Duty cycle: 400 amps @ 40%, 360 amps @ 60%, 320 amps @ 100%
  • Open circuit voltage: 73 amps
  • MIG working voltage: 14.2-34 volts
  • Protection: IP23
  • Weight: 36.5kg

Fronius TPS 400i Literature

TPS400i Gas Cooled Package

  • 4.075.231 TPS400i (requires Weld Process to be added)
  • 4.066.012 Weld Process – Standard Synergic
  • 4.049.031 Wire Feed Unit WF 25i 4R/G/FSC (drive rollers not incuded)
  • 44.0001.1407.4 Drive roller FSR Ø1.2mm (4 off rollers)
  • 4.047.833 Hose Pack HP 70i CON/G/1.2 metre
  • 43.0004.0161 Earth Cable 50mm sq 4m & clamp
  • 4.035.933 Torch MTG400i/FSC/3.5m/45°
  • 44.0350.5120 Torch basic kit for steel wire (BK Fe Ø1.2/G/W/5m