With the new Fronius TPS 320i Compact versions, all the advantages of the TPS/i range are packed into an even more compact design.
With their compact dimensions and built-in wire feeder, they provide a space-saving, portable and yet extremely powerful alternative, for construction sites and workshops in particular.
With their broad range of applications, they are also the ideal partners for carrying out repair work and maintenance tasks.
The TPS 270i C and TPS 320i C are equipped with the Pulse process as standard.
All other TPS/i processes, such as LSC, Standard and PMC, are available as options.

Superior welding properties with new arc processes: LSC, a low-spatter and extremely stable dip-transfer arc process. PMC, a fast and reliable pulsed-arc process.

With attributes that no other welding machine comes anywhere near to matching.

Upgrades are extremely easy to perform, from a USB stick or the Internet.
For new weld processes, characteristics, applications, firmware updates etc. etc.

– Future proof easily upgradable design
– Back up settings via USB port
– Remote monitoring with Ethernet connection
– Optional LED on manual welding torch
– 7” colour touchscreen display
– Single knob control
– Software options for advanced welding
– Low weight for easy portability

Fronius TPS 320i Compact Literature

TPS320i Compact MIG Gas Cooled Package

  • 4.075.234 TPS320i Compact (requires Weld Process & drive rollers not included)
  • 4.066.013 Weld Process – Pulse Synergic
  • 44.0001.1407.4 Drive roller FSR Ø1.2mm (4 off rollers)
  • 43.0004.0161 Earth Cable 50mm² 4m & clamp
  • 4.035.927 Torch MTG320i/FSC/3.5m/45°
  • 44.0350.5120 Torch basic kit steel wire (BK Fe Ø1.2/G/W/5m)