The FX Extreme clamp! This extremely heavy duty clamp is a tool your Grandchildren will inherit. The unique design gives you over 70% more clamping force than heavy duty conventional F-clamps.

  • The Unique internal ball bearing removes friction allowing greater precision and more clamping force
  • Completely sealed thread means no welding slag damage
  • Totally sealed means permanently lubricated
  • Dependable braking system (hardened steel) for total confidence
  • Trapezoidal thread means more force for clamping and more ease for release
  • Suited to all environments and applications including welding, working with fluids, humid or salty atmosphere
  • Patented
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in Spain

Product selection

  • 200 x 120mm – 1200kg – 321200120
  • 300 x 120mm – 1200kg – 321300120