Tanjant Tool Co builds the absolute world best Gas Cutting Roller Guides for gas cutting. The solid brass Gas Roller Guide (also known as Chariot Cutting Guide or Torch Buggy) is available as precise profile fit by selecting the guide that fits your gas/oxy-fuel torch from the Torch Brand/Model List, Part No’s TJ1602 to TJ1699. Another option is TJ1601 which is multi-fit by using 3-way screw clamping – fits gas torch tip nozzle diameter up to 18mm (11/16”) and with 12mm (1/2″) of parallel vertical section under tip retainer nut. See more detail with “How to Use” button  and Picture Gallery.

The non-jamming wheels roll freely, even under harsh conditions. By controlling the torch height and position, all the operator needs to manage is the optimum cutting speed. The result is a cleaner, more precise cut surface every time, with less clean up time and effort.

Using Tanjant’s roller guide when gas/oxy-fuel cutting saves time and effort, minimizes clean up and delivers real benefits well into the future.

  • Optimum tip height at all times
  • Stainless steel axles & guards, non-rusting
  • Non-jamming hub design
  • CNC machined quality parts
  • No tools required for fitting

Magnetic radius bar

Comprises a 350mm (14”) radius bar, straight pin, link nut, fasteners and magnet case assembly. The base cup has four grooves at 90 degree intervals around the outside to enable location on squared lines. This fixes the centre (USA-center) without using a punch mark.

This product should not be used for gas cutting circles less than 150mm (6″) as heat damage to resin casting and magnet may result. Radius Bars may be joined with Link Nut to create longer lengths for large diameter circle cutting.

  • Fits all Tanjant Guides, Gas or Plasma
  • Cuts circles up to 1050mm (41″) used with Circle Guide
  • Scribed marks on casing for easy location on squared lines
  • Powerful magnetic clamping holds secure centre

Product Listing

  • TJ1602 – Roller guide To suit Cigweld Type 41 /44
  • TJ1605 – Roller guide To suit Harris 6290
  • TJ6094 – Magnetic radius bar