Handy Blister Pack Welding Electrodes for when you just need a small amount of electrodes for that one off or small job.

A Variety of different types of electrodes are available to suit different metals.

Handy Pack Welding Electrodes Details

Aluminium. AK636 – 2.5mm or 3.2mm

  • Strata 636 is recommended for filling holes, building up missing sections, repairing cracks in castings and welding sheet aluminium. The quick freezing qualities of the weld metal expedites vertical and horizontal welding. A must for all maintenance departments where aluminium has to be repaired.

Cast iron. AKB88025 –  2.5mm or 3.2mm

  • A cast iron electrode that welds greey iron, meehanite, ductile iron, malleable iron and steel to cast iron. Enables the maintenance welder to successfully weld broken cast iron parts with a minimum of pre heat and a maximum of machinability.

Dissimilar metal. E312-16 – 2.5mm or 3.2mm

  • Rutile type stainless steel electrode for joining dissimilar steels and depositing claddings on ferritic steels. The ferritic-austenitic Cr-Ni weld metal contains approximately 50% of delta-ferrite and is non-scaling up to +1100°C. It features high resistance to cracking and is therefore suited for joining difficult to weld steels and depositing stress-relaxing buffer layers on crack sensitive base metals.

General purpose. E6013 – 2.5mm & 3.2mm

  • General purpose electrodes for welding mild steel with easy flow characteristics and all welding positions.

Hard facing EH531. 4.0mm

  • Heavy coated, high recovery (235%) hard facing electrode, depositing evenly distributed Cr, B carbides in austenitic stainless steel matrix. Required hardness and abrasion resistance can be obtained in the first layer even on low alloy steels. Suitable for hardfacing of parts subjected to heavy abrasion with moderate impact. Particularly used in excavator teeth, leading edges of excavator buckets, mixer blades, gravel pumps, conveyor worn-screws, conveyor belts.

Stainless steel. GWB316 – 2.5mm & 3.2mm

  • Rutile type, high recovery (160%) stainless steel electrode for welding 19Cr/12Ni/2-3Mo austenitic stainless steels to mild steels and low alloyed steels and also for surfacing applications on such steels. Weld metal deposit is austenitic-ferritic stainless steels. Possible to use equally well both with AC and DC. High current carrying capacity, since core wire is not made of stainless steel.