Harris Ferno Torch Kit specialises in heavy duty cutting up to 650mm. Just what you need for cutting Truck’s in half or slicing a construction crane off at the base or scrapping a container ship.

This kit includes everything you need to start cutting a locomotive into wafers, not including a lot of Oxygen & LPG cylinders.

Harris Ferno Torch Kit Includes

  • 825 Oxy & LPG regulators
  • Oxygen & Fuel Hi flow flash back arrestors
  • H25 High Flow Oxy cylinder regulator
  • 20 metres of twin Oxy/LPG hose
  • 20 metres of single Oxy hose
  • Series 140 size 9 & 11 cutting tips

Product details

  • Part number: 4H25825F17
  • Three hose inlet for high flow (two Oxygen, one fuel)
  • 180 degree head – 1525mm in length
  • Large Oxygen cutting valve for comfortable operation
  • Metal protection cover added for durability
  • Stainless steel tubes and torch head

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Harris Steel Ferno Brochure