Harris NX Cutting Nozzle are designed for cutting using Oxygen/ LPG. The design and manufacturing tolerance enables quick start lighting and precise control over the amount of gas used.

Every Tip is flame is tested before leaving the factory to ensure reliability and quality.

To suit cutting attachments; I492FHC, 492F, 142F & 624FL.

Product selection 

  • 000NX Cuts 0- 5mm Steel
  • 00NX Cuts 5-10mm Steel
  • 0NX Cuts 10-15mm Steel
  • 1NX Cuts 15-25mm Steel
  • 2NX Cuts 25-50mm Steel
  • 3NX Cuts 50-75mm Steel
  • 4NX Cuts 75-150mm Steel
  • 5NX Cuts 150-200mm Steel
  • 6NX Cuts 200-300mm Steel