Kemppi Master M 205  set new standards for power and performance in a portable MIG welding machine. With a portable, lightweight design that’s easy to carry, you’ll enjoy having a portable MIG welder that can be moved wherever you need it. If you’re working in tight spaces, the 5″ LCD screen is bright and easy to read, while self-charging LED lights can be turned on to improve safety. They work with or without mains power.

The Master M 205 is also easy to use. Both portable MIG welding machines come with Weld Assist, which offers automatic parameter settings that help you start welding quickly. It’s a simple solution that welders can also use with minimal experience. Just select the material thickness, joint type, welding position, and start welding.

The Master M 205 is a portable pulse MIG welder with 200 amps of power at a 40% duty cycle. Take on a wider range of materials with pulse welding and do your best work anywhere with the convenience of a 1-phase power supply. Save time and take welding to the next level with 37 built-in MIG/MAG welding programs for Fe, Ss, AlMg5, AlSi5, CuSi3, and CuAl8 filler materials. The Master M 205 comes with 17 programs for pulse MIG and 20 programs for 1-MIG.

If you’re looking for a portable MIG welder that can complete high-quality welds in challenging environments, the Master M 205 and Master M 323 should be on top of your list.

Kemppi Master M 205 Details

  • Versatile process selection with premium MIG/MAG, DC TIG, and stick welding options
  • Pulse MIG welding option with a 1-phase power supply
  • Lightweight and portable welders that are easy to carry anywhere
  • Ideal for tight workspaces
  • 17 pulse MIG welding programs and 20 1-MIG welding programs as a standard
  • Self-charging LED work lights for better worksite safety
  • Weld Assist feature for fast parameter setting
  • 6 memory channels
  • 40 % duty cycle
  • Compatible with generator
  • Multivoltage as a standard feature
  • Alternative transport cart options