Designed and manufactured in Finland, Kemppi Master M Mig is a premium and compact MIG/MAG welding machine with synergic and pulse MIG welding model options. It elevates industrial welding performance, ensuring outstanding welding quality. Designed with professional welders, MasterMig makes everyday welding tasks effortless and fast.

Digital arc control, fast set-up techniques, and excellent power-to-weight set new standards for weld quality and work-based efficiency, boosting welding production. Choose from three class-leading models in the compact MIG welding machine category (353, 355, or 358), featuring alternative manual, synergic (Auto), and pulse (Auto Pulse) welding options. Weld with gas-cooled guns or select the optional MasterMig cooling system for an integrated liquid-cooled package that maximizes the 350 Amp 40% ED welding power and enables more extended welding periods.

Experience new levels of welding productivity and control by switching on to MAX arc performance welding processes. They boost welding performance in challenging steel, stainless steel, and aluminum welding applications, making the seemingly impossible possible.

The integrated and self-charging LED work lights improve worksite safety, efficiency, and convenience. The LED light source operates with or without mains power, enhancing productivity in low light conditions. The LED work light system is standard for all MasterMig compact MIG welder models.

Integrated digital connectivity opens a world of welding data through *Kemppi MasterMig, including three months free trial for Weld Eye welding management software’s ArcVision module, plus a digital WPS feature. Together, these welding quality management tools deliver the benefits of digital transformation to the very heart of the welding workplace.


  • Versatile process selection for industrial welding: Manual, 1-MIG, Pulse MIG, DC TIG, and stick welding (MMA)
  • Welding programs inc. Fe, Ss, Al, CuSi, CuAl, Fe Metal, Fe Rutil, FC-CrNiMo materials
  • MAX and Wise welding processes for challenging steel, stainless steel, and aluminum welding applications
  • Weld Assist establishes guidance for welding parameters
  • Self-charging LED work lights improve work safety
  • Safe-lift grab handle for safe lifting
  • Two and four-wheel carriage options for easy movement
  • SuperSnake GTX sub-feeder enables maximum reach in challenging welding sites
  • *Track and record arc-on time and welding parameters with integrated Weldeye ArcVision
  • *Digital WPS feature ensures that welding procedure specifications are always accurately followed
  • Kinetic spool brake prevents wire spool overrun, automatically slowing and reversing the filler wire spool at the end of each weld
  • Compatible with generator and multi-voltage use
  • Memory channels for saving the best welding parameter settings
  • Weight 27 kg
  • Ultimate welding comfort and long-lasting, high-quality consumables with Flexlite GX Welding Torches

Kemppi Master M Mig 353G Package includes

  • P501GX3 Mastermig power source
  • GX305G35 Gas cooled 3.5 metre Mig gun
  • Earth Cable
  • Harris Argon regulator
  • 3 phase plug
  • Drive roll kit to suit