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Kemppi Kempact Pulse 3000

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  • Basic MIG/MAG model
  • Synergic pulsed model
  • 4-roll wire drive system
  • Electronic power regulation
  • Maximum output at 40 % duty cycle
  • Light weight: 22 kg
  • Suitable for power generator use
  • Kemppi 3+ warranty for parts and labour
  • Water cooler optional extra

2 in stock



Kempact pulse 3000 features synergic, pulsed and double-pulsed welding.

Standard programs suit a variety of materials including Fe, Fe Mc, Fe Fc, St/St, Alum, CuSi3, CuAl8 fillers wires. Simply select the filler wire type, size and plate thickness, and weld. For those regular welding jobs, there’s even a 100 channel memory function. 

If you are frequently welding at high current and in high ambient temperatures. This machine can increase your productivity by reducing the number of cooling breaks. Kempact Pulse 3000 offers 40 % ED, which means you can keep welding twice as long at 250 A full power in 40 °C ambient temperatures when compared to lower capacity 20 % ED machines.

If you regularly weld a variety of components and structures, you probably know your favourite settings by heart. To make life easy and accommodate the special settings that only you prefer, it offers 100 memory channels that recall your favourite settings at the touch of a button or via a remote control.

This machine welds aluminium and stainless steel materials with ease. Refined weld appearance is guaranteed with a wide materials selection and special Pulse and Double pulse features, reducing your spatter levels, increasing visual welding quality and importantly, reducing post weld cleaning times to a minimum.

Optional Water cooler unit

Cooling unit suitable for use with Kemppi Kempact Pulse welding equipment.
Kempact Cool 10 performs 1 kW of cooling power with a three litre tank that can be filled with 20%-40% ethanol/water mixture Or any other suitable antifreeze agent.

Package Details

P1133GX Gas cooled

  • 621830002 Kempact Pulse 3000 Power Source
  • GX305GS6 Snake MIG Torch 6.0 metre
  • W016301 1.2mm Aluminium 6.0 metre liner
  • 6184511 Earth cable 50mm2
  • F000224 Aluminium 1.2mm Duratorque drive roll kit
  • Harris 801 series gas regulator
  • 32 amp plug

Kempact Pulse 3000 Brochure

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Weight 27 kg
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P1133GX gas cooled Kempact Pulse 3000 Package, P1102GX Water cooled Kempact Pulse 3000 package, 6185261 P20 Transport Unit


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