Exothermic Lance Glove are designed for maximum protection from the high temperatures of Thermic & Oxygen Lancing.
This glove comes with the innovative “Full Palm” reinforcements which will better shield the entire palm and the utility fingers from temporary exposure to hot objects or searing radiant heat.
The extra foil-laminated layer in the palm and Kevlar® Stitching, combined to give the most protection of any Lance Glove on the market place.
Kevlar® Fleece gives you more protection in your heavy duty work, it is fire and cut resistant.


  • Heat Resistant Gloves
  • Black Split Leather front palm
  • Black Split Leather back palm
  • Black Re-enforcement on palm
  • Kevlar® Thread stitched
  • Aluminium Foil Inside + Thinsulate
  • laminated with 100% KEVLAR Fleece


  •  100% heavyweight side split leather
  • Reinforced glove palm of extra heavy duty insulating leather
  • Entire glove lined with Kevlar® Fleece for maximum protection
  • Palm lined with special foil for added protection
  • Smooth suede finish
  • Kevlar® Stitching for extra strength and heat protection
  • Kevlar® Fleece for cut resistant and complete fire protection

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