Lincoln LN-25 Pro Wire feeder – it’s just like new!

If your looking at this second hand LN-25 wire feeder and thinking it looks like it is brand new and hardly used? Well spotted.

No we haven’t cleaned it up or photo shopped the pictures. This is how it we received it, looking like it has just come out of the box. The grey power lead is like new. Usually these get dirty and mangled and replaced regularly in use. This one still has the warning label attached and the clamp looks like it’s never touched steel.

There is also a K126 squirt gun included and there are 1.6mm Knurled drive rollers and wire guide set fitted.

There is only one downside with this LN-25 wire feeder and that is we only have one. Grab it before it’s gone.

For enquiries on purchasing this welder, call Paul on 0412 824 756