Lincoln Vantage 400 Engine Driven Welder Generator (AU) is a versatile welder/generator offering up to 400 amps of welding output and 14 kW of auxiliary power. Featuring a compact design and multi-process welding capabilities, the machine allows operators to handle a wide range of tasks from stick or wire welding to powering jobsite tools. Designed with dependability in mind, the Vantage 400 (AU) has field-proven toughness to maintain uptime. The Vantage 400 (AU) provides excellent value, which makes the ideal choice for construction teams, pipe rig owners, and rental fleet managers. Purchase one of these machines today!

Vantage 400 Features

  • Multi-Process Welding, Simple to Operate – Select one of Five Process Modes, including CC-Stick, Downhill Pipe, CV Wire, Arc Gouging, Touch-Start® Touch Start™ TIG and then dial in the desired output.
  • Plenty of AC Generator Power – 13.2kw of continuous AC power. Use to power industrial equipment such as a plasma cutter, pump or inverter welder from 240 Volt and 415 Volt IP66 rated outlets.
  • Compact Case – One of the most compact 400 amp machines available. Suitable for many Utes and Service Trucks.
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure – Standard stainless steel roof, side panels and engine-access door deliver added protection and durability.
  • VRD Voltage Reduction Device – Reduced OCV in the weld modes for added safety. (n/a Pipe in mode)
  • Arc Gouging – Arc gouging with up to 8mm carbons. With new Carbon Arc Gouging Mode delivers improved gouging performance including VRD.
  • Reliable Engine – 4 cylinder, 1500 RPM Perkins diesel engine runs smoothly and quietly. Standard engine gauges allow you to monitor performance at a glance.
  • Low Noise – 71 dBA at 7 metre is one of the quietest 400 amp engine-driven welders available

Price is for K32038-1V-0001 includling Roll frame/spill tray