Calico Buffs

Calico buffs are formed by the unsewing of pure cotton cloth, and they are the universal buffs for common polishing machinery applicable to flat surfaces. They are the best all-round mops suitable for brass, silver, copper, aluminium, chrome and plastics.

Rag Buffs

Stitched mop rag buffs are a general purpose mop and high pressure can be exerted when cutting. They are suitable for polishing metals, plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, chrome, silver, gold and alloys.

Sisal Buffs

Sisal buffs are manufactured from alternating layers of heavy calico and sisal cloth tightly stitched together to the desired thickness. They are suitable for the preparation of polishing surfaces with excellent cutting power when used together with a suitable compound, both in manual and automatic operation.

Available in 150 & 200mm diameters.