Q-Bond QB3 Ultra Strong Adhesive Repair Kit. In addition to the liquid adhesive, there is a two-part system which utilizes the liquid adhesive combined with powders to create unique reinforcing and filling capabilities with which cracks, breaks, holes and gaps in plastics and metals can be repaired to regain their original shape. The repairs can then be ground, filed, sanded and even painted!

The 2 part multi purpose adhesive when used in conjunction with the included filling powders provides a unique “instant weld” like bond. When used independently of filler powders it dries to a clear, permanent bond with exceptional strength. Q-Bond is not your normal Super Glue, as it is used for Automotive Part repair, DIY and hobby enthusiasts.


Ideal for: metals, ceramics, woods, most plastics – (not polyethylene or polypropylene), natural and synthetic rubbers and leathers. Not recommended for use on paper, plastics with an oily/waxy appearance; eg: polyethylene, polypropylene or Teflon. Will not permanently bond glass or materials containing a high alkaline content.