Stoody 965 Hard Facing MIG Wire is used for the surfacing of agricultural points, shares and tynes, sand dredge cutter heads, dredge rollers and tumblers, conveyor screws, bucket lips, etc.

  • Gas Shielded Wire
  • Tubular Hard facing Wires
  • Air Hardening
  • Crack Free
  • Martensitic Steel Deposit
  • Resistant to Hard Particle Abrasion and Moderate Impact Loading
  • 1.2mm and 1.6mm sizes can be used for vertical surfacing by depositing overlapping horizontal stringer passes
  • 1.2mm and 1.6mm wires are B5 type wires which require a shielding gas
  • 2.4mm size is a B7 type open arc wire which requires no shielding gas
  • Stoody 965 Hard Facing is available in a 15 kilogram spool