• The UNIMIG TIG Welding Foot Control is a convenient hands-free alternative for use on any TIG machine. This includes amperage control, allowing the welding current to be adjusted remotely from the welding machine during welding.

The simple design makes installation and operation of the foot control effortless, and the sturdy metal construction guarantees durability.

Foot control modules are also available for discontinued UNIMIG machines, please contact us for availability.

  • Robust metal construction
  • Simple design makes it easy to use
  • Remotely controls amperage while welding


  • U51017 wired foot pedal – Suits U12001K, U12002K, U12003K, KUM-M-VT180ACDC, KUM-M-RTIG200ACDC, KUM-M-RTIG320ACDC
  • U51023 wired foot pedal – Suits U11003K
  • U51024 wired foot pedal – Suits U11004K, U11011
  • U51009 wireless foot pedal – Suits: U11004K, U11011
  • U51019 wireless foot pedal – Suits U12002K, U12003K, U11007K, U11008K, U11009K, U11010K


  • U11003K – Razor 200 Pulse MIG/TIG/Stick
  • U11004K – Razor Multi 230 AC/DC
  • U11008K – Razor Multi 220
  • U11009K – Razor Multi 250
  • U11010K – Razor Compact 250
  • U11011 – Viper Multi 195
  • U12001K – Viper 180 AC/DC Mk II
  • U12002K – Razor TIG 200 AC/DC
  • U12003K – Razor TIG 220 DC