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Weldclass Promax 500 Automatic Welding Helmet


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  • WC-05317 – Promax 500 automatic welding helmet Black
  • WC-05318 – Promax 500 automatic welding helmet Weldwolf
  • WC-05319 – Promax 500 automatic welding helmet Revhead
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The Weldclass promax 500 automatic welding helmet with Super Size Viewing area & more value than you can poke a MIG, TIG or Stick at!

Stand-out features include; Massive 98 x 87mm Viewing area, 4 senors for reliable switching, Dual Shade 5-8/9-13, Sensitivity & Delay Adjustments, Grind-Mode switch, Replaceable Battery, Magnification Lens Holder & more. Comfortable, lightweight & superior optics.

Promax helmets use a “hinge and lock” system. The front cover lens is clamped very firmly in place around the entire perimeter of the lens. This prevents spatter leaking onto the electronic lens (which causes damage and voids warranty)… and replacing the front cover lens is very quick & easy. 
Be wary of helmets that have a font-loading cover lens. From experience, we have found that the vast majority of these allow spatter to ‘leak’ onto the electronic lens – this not only risks damage to the lens, but also permanently marks the surface and reduces visibility.

Inside an auto-darkening lens are many layers of components. The “easy” way to assemble these components is to glue around the edge. The “best” way is to laminate each layer to the next, across the whole surface area. This is more costly to manufacture, however it results in a lens that is more reliable, more damage resistant and has better optical quality. All Weldclass electronic welding lenses are fully laminated.

  • Super-size viewing Area 98 x 87mm (85cm2) with Ultra Clear Optics & ECR (Enhanced Colour Recognition)
  • 4 Sensors
  • Dual Shade Mode: (9-13 / 5-8)
  • Grind Mode… Turns the lens off so that you can use the helmet as a grinding shield
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Magnification Lens Holder
  • High Impact rated to AS/NZS 1337.1
  • Suitable for MIG, MMA (stick) & TIG (down to 5 Amps)

Available in standard black, revhead or weldwolf! 

Weldclass promax 500 Brochure

Need spare parts for your Promax 500 helmet?

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Black Promax 500 automatic welding helmet, Weldwolf Promax 500 automatic welding helmet, Revhead Promax 500 automatic welding helmet


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