Weldforce 175MST is European quality in a compact and very easy-to-use package.

Weighing just 9kg, the 175MST is supplied with 10A power plug and is fitted with an industrial quality Euro torch system.

An ideal choice for site and field work, maintenance or light fabrication. MIG weld up to 6mm steel, Stick weld with up to 3.2mm electrodes or try your hand at TIG welding of steel & stainless.

Comes with European-made 3 metre heavy-duty 250A Euro-fit MIG torch, gas regulator, drive rollers for solid & gasless wires, 3 metre earth lead & 10 Amp plug fitted.

Leading 4 year warranty and 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.


  • MIG (Gas / Gasless)
  • Stick / MMA
  • TIG (Lift-Arc)


  • Made in Europe
  • 170A max MIG output
  • Welds up to 6mm Mild Steel (max MIG capacity)
  • Fitted with 10A 240V plug


  • Made in Italy to Weldclass specifications, in one of Europe’s largest & most experienced welding machine manufacturing plants
  • Leading 4 year warranty**
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee***
  • Very easy-to-use Synergic MIG controls: Adjust single dial according to material thickness & machine will automatically set the correct voltage and wire speed
  • Very compact and portable, weighs 9kg
  • Takes 1kg (D100mm) or 5kg (D200mm) spools
  • Generator Compatible – min 8kva, ideal 10+kva\
  • Stick/MMA Arc-Force % adjustment

Weldforce 175MST Fact Sheet