Weldskill BlueVENOM XF190 – Multi Process Welding Synergic 3-in-1 welding inverter with MIG plate thickness selection!

The BlueVENOM XF190 is the perfect solution for light fabrication, maintenance and repairs or for DIY around the home, workshop, worksite, or farm without compromising on quality, safety and performance! With the avid welder in mind, CIGWELD has introduced “Opti-Start”, a feature that allows the user to customise their starting arc characteristics through Soft and Hard Start controls.

Additionally, this machine has the following features built-in:

  • 2 x Roll All-Driven (top & bottom) Wire Drive system
  • MIG Adjustable Wire Burnback & Inductance
  • MIG Adjustable Soft & Hard Start (Opti-Start)
  • MIG Wire Inch button
  • MIG Gas Purge Button
  • MIG Side door wire installation, side loader
  • MIG Anti de-spooling safety feature
  • MIG Spool Gun Compatible
  • STICK with Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) built-in for Safe Welding
  • STICK Adjustable Hot Start
  • STICK Adjustable Arc Force
  • STICK Anti-Stick
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • TIG Foot Control Compatible
  • TIG Dial Remote Torch Compatible