Have You Got Sievert in Your Range?

The Sievert product range is the choice in heating tools for professionals. With over 130 years in business Sievert is a world leading manufacturer of quality soldering, brazing and heating tools. The range has been shaped by frequent technical support and engaging users to develop, manufacture and supply innovative and high quality tools and tool systems. Their torches, burners, attachments and kits are top of the line and are trusted by tradesman in more than 50 countries around the world.

We are proud to be An Australian seller of the Sievert range.

Sievert Pro 86

Whether soldering, paint stripping, shrinking or performing gold/silversmith’s work, the high quality, convenience and comprehensive range of accessories makes the Pro series a versatile tool for the demanding craftsman.


Sievert Pro 88

The Pro 88 series is used all over the world by professional roofers and waterproofing specialists. With a complete power burner programme, including Titanium torches, the Pro 88 is the ultimate torch system for heavy-duty works. The Pro 88 series operates with propane.


Sievert, The Professional Heating Tool for Your Job

The Sievert range of heating tools is designed for professionals. The top of the line torch and burner systems offer advanced design, comfort and durability. Their powerful soldering, brazing and heating solutions are available in premade kits or you can assemble a kit to suit your needs. In this article we will cover the three Sievert handle systems, their different burner options as well as regulator and hose options.