Actirox Ceramic Resin Fibre – INOX STAINLESS STEEL – (5″) 125 x 22 – 36 Grit TOP SIZE

With additional TOP SIZE that leads to a cool grinding process on INOX stainless steel.

For extreme stock removal. These fibre discs provide a new level of grinding performance. Choose the Actirox fibre disc to suit your grinder for steel or INOX stainless steel application. A new generation of grinding fibre disc that requires low pressure when grinding. The upright abrasive grains provide optimum angles for an aggressive grind result, and the dimensionally stable vulcanised fibre backing improves overall performance. For use with a backing pad.

Abrasive: Ceramic with TOP SIZE

Actirox Ceramic Resin Fibre Features:

Geometrically shaped ceramic grain leads to maximum stock removal
Double the stock removal compared to conventional ceramic grain abrasives
Recommended for use with a H-GT backing pad for maximum stock removal
Requires less pressure than regular