Klingspor cut off wheels  offer optimised properties for a wide variety of steel processing applications that stem from its structure and grain composition. Its wide-ranging application options include work on such materials as

  • steel,
  • stainless steel and
  • cast iron.

Supra performance class for the perfect cut

The Kronenflex cut off wheels 115mm grouped in the Supra performance class are suitable for a plethora of applications thanks to their versatility. They are distinguished by extra long service life and powerful cutting performance. Unlike natural abrasive grain, the synthetically made grain Klingspor uses for their abrasives ensures that the abrasive will retain their removal rate over time.

Long years of experience guarantee quality and safety

Klingspor is the embodiment of a company that can guarantee high safety standards thanks to their long years of experience. The Kronenflex cutting-off wheels have been tested according to oSa guidelines and comply with European safety standard EN 12413. The symbiosis formed by synthetic grain, a variety of liquid and dry resins and the glass fibre mesh integrated to reinforce the cutting-off wheel guarantees a first-rate tool.

Product Details

22400 – A 60 TZ Special – 115 x 22 x 1.0mm – 13,300 rpm

13297 – A 24 R Supra – 115 x 22 x 2.5mm – 13,300 rpm