Heavy Duty F Clamp with adjustable reach and tee bar handle. Larger rail sizes & spindle for heavy duty applications.

Changeable clamping heads.

Socket drive handle.

Tempered and hot forged steel for rigidity.

Cold drawn profiled steel.

Precisely controlled hardening and tempering process over the whole clamp body gives strength for high clamping force.

Nickel and chrome plating for high corrosion resistance.

Heavy Duty F Clamp Sizes Available

  • Ehoma GS40C 400 x 120mm
  • Ehoma SS30C 300 x 175mm
  • Bessey SG30M 300 x 140mm
  • Panther 480M030 300 x 175mm (shop soiled)
  • Panther 480M040 400 x 175mm