The Kemppi Minarc Evo 140 offers outstanding welding performance is no overstatement. Every element is designed to meet the needs of professional welders on the move. Where size, weight and welding quality are concerned, there is no equal.

Ideal for site use, you can use the welder from mains or generator power supplies, even with extra long supply cables. It is easy to carry, so you can normally take everything you need in one journey.

Large voltage reserves and automatic arc force control provide excellent arc stability in all welding positions and for a wide range of electrode types, making sure you get quality welding result.

The large and clear meter display makes accurate current setting simple and easy, and precise lift TIG ignition ensures high quality DC TIG welding.
Connect a remote control unit and you can adjust welding parameters at distance during welding, for the ultimate convenience and weld pool control.

Not all welding happens in the warmth and stable conditions of workshops and factories—far from it.
But with Minarc Evo you can weld in even the roughest of sites. The Minarc Evo can be powered from the mains or a generator power supply, even via extra-long supply cables.

The Minarc Evo is also easy to carry, so you can take everything you need in one journey.

Package includes earth return and welding cables (3 metre) and shoulder strap.

  • Premium welding performance
  • Use with all electrode types
  • Use with long supply cables
  • PFC technology for ultimate energy efficiency
  • High current output and duty cycle
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Robust and durable
  • Precise lift TIG technology
  • Mains network or generator use
  • Optional remote control
  • Kemppi 3 year warranty for parts and labor

Minarc Evo 140 Brochure