An Exothermic Lance Kit is necessary for the safe operation of a Thermic Lance. This Handle is suitable for 6.0 & 10mm and 1/4 & 3/8 Thermic Lances.

Some common applications of Exothermic Lances are:

  • The cutting up of Large Metal Castings or Frozen masses of metals (spills)
  • De-slagging of Furnace outlets and maintenance
  • The removal of stubborn plugs and pins out of Heavy Machinery
  • The removal of Hard facing material, to replace new parts
  • For removal of large metal beams/structures in Demolition
  • Cutting down large metal objects for Scrap purposes
  • Underwater: The cutting of metal objects underwater

Exothermic Lance Kit Details

  • New design Mini Thermic Lance Handle
  • Handle to suit 6.0 – 10.0mm (1/4 – 3/8) Lances
  • Lance Spatter Shield
  • Oxygen hose (5 metre)
  • Spare locking rubbers
  • Y-Piece attachment
  • Lance Igniter Tube & Wick
  • Fume mask
  • Thermic Lance Gloves
  • Information and instruction sheets included