Durum PTA metal powder is a global market leader in the supply of specialized overlaying consumables that can be applied by Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA)

Durum FTC metal powder (Fused Tungsten Carbide) is an extremely hard wear resistant material. It’s abrasion resistance is superior in terms of wear resistance to all other commercially available materials except diamond. It is far superior to any of the chromium carbide products presently in use and will always deliver very positive test results bu comparison.

Metal Powders available

  • Duram 59 PTA metal powder
  • Duram 521 PTA metal powder
  • Duram 525 PTA metal powder
  • Duram 564 PTA metal powder
  • Duram FTC metal powder
  • Duram 60 FTC metal powder
  • Duram XDU 35 metal powder
  • Duram XDA 37 metal powder

Durmat metal powder information